Our cottages have two or more bedrooms, each large enough for two people, a washroom and a living room.  Most have kitchen areas.  Cottages are priced on a per person basis so may be shared. To book an entire cottage you are required to pay for four adults.


bunks 1080Unicamp’s dormitories have two sides, each with 3 bunk beds for up to six people.  Some include a double bunk bed for couples or parents with small children.  There is a central shared washroom in each dorm.  Cooking is not permitted in dorms.




Unicamp’s sites are large and beautifully landscaped, most suitable for tents and trailers, with some walk-in sites for tents only. Trailers must not exceed 20 feet and generators are not permitted.  Some hydro sites are available. Maximum three tents and six people per site.


Dining Hall

We are equipped to provide hearty meals for those without dietary restrictions and vegetarians.  Those on restricted or speciality diets are encouraged to bring food to supplement, or cook their own meals.  Meals are generally served at 8:30am, 12:30pm and 6:30pm with some Friday evening and candlelight dinner exceptions.  There is a 15 minute warning bell before the dinner bell.  Late minute meal requests can sometimes be accommodated.  Coffee and tea is supplied for those on the meal plan and available to all by donation. Our dining hall is a nut-free space, and shoes are required.


iris beach

In the spirit of tolerance and freedom Unicamp maintains two beaches, a clothing optional beach (Bob’s Beach) and a clothing required beach.  During Children’s Camp and Junior Youth Week swimwear is required on both beaches at all times. Appropriate dress is required in all other areas of camp at all times.



We have private outdoor showers, offering the experience of showering under the warmth of the sun or the energy of the stars!


Fires are permitted at most of our campsites, and we have several communal firepits. Please check with staff before starting a fire in one of the communal firepits.

campfire 1200
Campfire by moonlight, August 2017.