Board Meetings

The Unicamp by-laws mandate that the board of directors must meet at least once every three months. In an effort to be a transparent board of directors, the Unicamp board would like to acknowledge that all meetings are open to members of the community to attend. There may be in-camera items arising at a given meeting for which you will be asked to leave the room.

In keeping with our goal of transparency, below you will find the dates and locations of the 2017/2018 Unicamp board meetings, and the approved minutes from previous board meetings.

2017-2018 Board Meeting Dates & Locations

(Meeting times and dates are subject to change)

September 2, 2017:  6pm @ Unicamp of Ontario
September 24, 2017:  11am @ Unicamp of Ontario
October 8, 2011:  8am @ Unicamp of Ontario
November 19, 2017:  11:30am–4:30pm @ Don Heights Unitarian Congregation, Toronto
January 29, 2018:  6:00pm–9:30pm, Online
March 4, 2018:  12 noon–3:00pm @ First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto
April 15, 2018:  (Time and location TBD)
May 19, 2018:  1pm–5pm @ Unicamp of Ontario
June 2018:  (Date and time TBD) @ Unicamp of Ontario
July 2018: (Date and time TBD) @ Unicamp of Ontario
August 2018:  (Date and time TBD) @ Unicamp of Ontario
September 1, 2018:  (Time TDB) @ Unicamp of Ontario
September 2, 2018:  9:00-10:30am @ Unicamp of Ontario

2016-2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Click on the links below to access a pdf file of the minutes for the month indicated:

Unicamp Board Mtg Minutes-2016-09-accepted
Unicamp Board Mtg Minutes-2016-10-accepted
Unicamp Board Mtg Minutes-2016-11-accepted
Unicamp Board Mtg Minutes-2017-02-accepted
Unicamp Board Mtg Minutes-2017-03-accepted
Unicamp Board Mtg Minutes-2017-04-accepted


2017-2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Click on the links below to access a pdf file of the minutes for the month indicated: