LIT, CIT and Youth Programs

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Unicamp provides a safe space and community-based place to Unitarian Universalist youth for a diverse range of programs. From our community-oriented CIT programs to our Junior Youth week, participants have a blast here! Many of our lead staff came up through the ranks of youth programs and were Jouthers for a time. Most importantly, we acknowledge that UU youth are on a journey of discovery; Unicamp supports youth by giving them time to chill out, make new friends, and lend a hand around main camp. We support youth from all paths of identity to grow into their sense of self and be confident individuals at camp and at home.

Our LIT, CIT, and Youth Programs: 

Leaders In Training (L.I.T.):  (Age 14/ entering Grade 9). The vision of LIT is to grow the leader and role model that already exists within, and to equip youth to grow in leadership at Unicamp and in their own communities. With the guidance of facilitators and mentors, LITs are given the opportunity to learn and discover more about the operations components of Unicamp. A one night camp-out is also a part of this exciting and memorable experience. July 3rd-23rd

LIT's 2014
LIT Program Participants

Counselors In Training (C.I.T.): (Age 15/ entering Grade 10)

Would you like to grow your skill set to help you gain experience to work within Unicamp and other companies and organizations? CITs pick up from the skills learned in the LIT program to continue to grow and develop a sense of self and the skills required to excel as part of a team. This program features a 2-night camp-out and hike experience, a day of shadowing a staff member, with plenty of time for fun, building friendships, and developing the leader within. Participants are encouraged to think about the role of mentorship in our lives and at camp. July 3rd-23rd

Junior Youth (Jouth): (Ages 13 – 16)

Through a series of fun and collaborative activities, Jouth will be challenged to work as a team and to utilize the strengths that each person brings with them to create a week of truly special moments. Our Jouth week is very much designed to build relationships, explore our values, create together with the community, and enjoy the week with your peers. Favourite Jouth activities from past years include paint twister, wood burning, night games, coffee house, perspective challenging discussions, evening services, fun late night snacks, and of course our weekly DANCE PARTY. We encourage camper participation and leadership as we plan our activities for the week. We will have many new activities as well as our old Unicamp favourites. Please let us know if there are any programs you’d love to see run or help run during your week at camp! July 24th-29th

Junior Volunteer Program: (Ages 14 – 15)

The volunteers will be working as a team with various staff members and volunteer coordinators throughout the week. The work during that week is a mix of operations crew help (dishes, evening clean up) as well as skill building projects throughout the week. We are still working out the specifics for these projects but are hoping to take on rebuilding some bridges, helping in the kitchen, making nature info plaques, as well as some painting and trail maintenance/creation.  There are also some evening activities for this group that are just for fun such as campfires and movie nights.  

The program is free and has a capacity of 11 participants. We can offer letters for school that confirm their volunteer hours for the week (40 total). July 29th – August 5th