Unicamp on a Stamp!

For the first year ever, Unicamp will be printing its own special edition Unicamp stamps! These will be available at the Admin office, for campers of all ages who want to send letters or postcards home!

To mark this special occasion, we’d like to invite community members to submit PHOTOS or ILLUSTRATIONS to be featured on these special stamps! Rules and image requirements below:

Unicamp Rules:

  • Anybody depicted on submitted photos must have given permission to have this shared with Unicamp staff. We will be checking permissions before printing the stamp image!
  • If three or less images are submitted, Unicamp Staff will choose their favorite for print.
  • If more than three images are submitted, Unicamp Staff members will choose 3 – 5 finalists to share through Unicamp social media for voting.
  • All images must be submitted by April 15th.
  • Winner will be selected by May 2022.

From Canada Post:

  • All images and any text used on Picture Postage products must be suitable for family audiences. Images depicting the following will be rejected: nudity, pornography, violence, illegal activity, weapons, discriminatory or hate messages, vulgar scenes, alcohol, political statements, questionable messages or use of language, and religious, spiritual or faith-based images without proper approvals. Canada Post reserves the right to refuse, for any reason, the images you submit. If one or more images you submit are not appropriate for use as set out in the Picture Postage terms and conditions, Unicamp will be contacted by Canada Post.
  • The following image formats are supported: JPEG, PNG, PDF and GIF. We recommend using good quality, high-resolution digital photos between 2 and 10 MB. An error message will appear if the uploaded photo’s resolution is too low for quality prints.

To submit your image, send through email to exec.director@unicampofontario.ca