Unicamp Board Meeting Minutes are now password protected

To ensure confidentiality and privacy, the Unicamp Board of Directors has decided to password protect the approved board meeting minutes from previous Board of Directors meetings. Minutes will still be available to members of the Unicamp community, but a password will need to be entered before viewing them. Details on how to obtain the passwordContinue reading “Unicamp Board Meeting Minutes are now password protected”

2021 Unicamp Facilitator’s Guide and Form

Hello there! The 2021 Unicamp Facilitator’s Guide and Form (below) contain information about the season ahead, as we hope to open Unicamp as much as possible within the continuing Pandemic. It’s hard to say what regulations may impact our onsite activities, but the focus for now will be preparing a program schedule that will serveContinue reading “2021 Unicamp Facilitator’s Guide and Form”