Unicamp Board Meeting Minutes are now password protected

To ensure confidentiality and privacy, the Unicamp Board of Directors has decided to password protect the approved board meeting minutes from previous Board of Directors meetings. Minutes will still be available to members of the Unicamp community, but a password will need to be entered before viewing them. Details on how to obtain the password will be posted here in the coming days. If you have any questions or concerns, please email communications@unicampofontario.ca.

2021 Unicamp Facilitator’s Guide and Form

Hello there! The 2021 Unicamp Facilitator’s Guide and Form (below) contain information about the season ahead, as we hope to open Unicamp as much as possible within the continuing Pandemic. It’s hard to say what regulations may impact our onsite activities, but the focus for now will be preparing a program schedule that will serve our community well, while also being run safely.

If you are interested in facilitating a program for the 2021 season, please look over the guide, then fill out the Form and submit to exec.director@unicampofontario.ca (preferably with a file name change). If you’ve already supplied information to me through an earlier communication, I ask you to write it again within the form along with the additional questions to ensure we have all the information readily available. We ask that forms are returned by mid-January. The forms will be used by myself, the Camp Director, the Program Chair, and the Program Director, as we set our program schedule. 

Our plan is to have a preliminary 2021 Program Schedule set by mid-February; you will be contacted to confirm your place on it. In the meantime, we may reach out for more information if there’s any confusion or need for clarification.  

Thank you again and wishing you a Happy New Year!

Yvette Salinas

Executive Director

Unicamp of Ontario