Youth 2023

Registration Fees: $1,180 for CIT or LIT, $437 for Jouth

June 25 – July 1: Staff Training.  

Kids Camp Week 1 (July 2-8): UNICORNS & MAGIC

Kids Camp Week 2 (July 9-14):  OVER THE RAINBOW

Kids Camp Week 3 (July 15-22):  LEGO – BUILDING A BETTER WORLD

Kids Camp Week 4 (July 23-29): Unicamp Survivor

July 2 – 22: Counselors-in-Training (CIT)

Age 15/ entering Grade 10.

Would you like to grow your skill set to help you gain experience to work within Unicamp and other companies and organizations? CITs pick up from the skills learned in the LIT program to continue to grow and develop a sense of self and the skills required to excel as part of a team. This program features a 2-night camp-out and hike experience, a day of shadowing a staff member, with plenty of time for fun, building friendships, and developing the leader within. Participants are encouraged to think about the role of mentorship in our lives and at camp. Cost: $1,280.00 + HST

July 9 – 29: Leaders-in-Training (LIT)

Age 14/ entering Grade 9. July 3rd – 23rd

The vision of LIT is to grow the leader and role model that already exists within, and to equip youth to grow in leadership at Unicamp and in their own communities. With the guidance of facilitators and mentors, LITs are given the opportunity to learn and discover more about the operations components of Unicamp. A one night camp-out is also a part of this exciting and memorable experience.

Jouth – (July 30 – August 4) Reclaiming Our Magic Week: Join us this week at Unicamp where will will explore, embrace, celebrate, and reclaim the magic within ourselves. This week is all about freely exploring ourselves as spiritual and emotional beings (UU Style!), deepening our witchy connection to Nature, and celebrating what makes us uniquely and wonderfully magical. We will grow together as an awesome crew while celebrating each individuals diversity, boundaries, and personal expressions of power in a safe and fun space. NATURALLY, we will also be playing all the classic Jouth games and activities while having the most fun ever! (seriously ya’ll… Jouth is SO fun!) Discussion topics will include: “What is your magical connection to Nature?” “How to embrace the magic found in the Harry Potter World without absorbing the harm that ‘she who cannot be named’ has caused,” “Embracing your magic/emotional uniqueness in a society that celebrates conformity,” and more…$437.00 + HST. Ages 13 – 16.

Aug 7 – 11: Junior  Volunteer week

Junior Volunteer Week – (Aug 7 – 11)

A week where youth can learn some new skills and help with various projects around camp. Some youth will help with children’s program, some with building projects, and various tasks around camp. Free

Children’s Camps and Youth Program Refund Policy

All fees must be paid in full by June 30th. Any refunds before June 30th are less $50.00 per camp/program cancelled. No refunds after June 30th, unless the space can be filled. Transferring camps is available provided we have a space.