Welcome and Greetings from Unicamp!

Thank you for registering for our 2019 Children’s Camp season.
This year marks Unicamp’s 50th summer of welcoming and offering Children’s Camps. We have lots in store to celebrate with our present and past campers in August. Check out our 5oth Anniversary webpage for more information on our festivities!

Click here for a downloadable pdf version of this Children’s Camp Welcome & Greeting letter.

Our themes for Children’s Camp this year are:

Week 1 (July 7–13) Operation: Mystery. Solving mysteries and riddles, learning how to crack the code, and stealth training. Your mission awaits!

Week 2: (July 14–20) Wheel of __________. This week we will spin the Wheel of Themes each morning to find out what is in store for the day.

Week 3: (July 21–27) Harry Potter Week. For the ones who know there’s something magical to explore beyond the muggle world.

Week 4: July 22–August 2) Space is the Place. Seeking to explore the galaxies far far away…

Children's Camp Cabin-MatesAll of our Unicamp staff are excited about another great year at camp.  Something that can only happen with YOU here to join us.

If you have not already completed your forms or payment, please go online to your account to complete this.  We are loving the new online camp registration system! While there are a few tweaks we will be making to enhance its functionality, we are excited about how it has simplified the process, including your check-in when you arrive.

Our camping packing list is available online here: Unicamp Camper Packing List

Important Information for Smooth Check-in and Pickup:

Drop off times: Sunday, 2-4pm.

Pick up time: Saturday 1pm, with a talent show starting at approximately 1:30pm. If you are not able to attend the talent show please let your child know ahead of time as they often get upset once they see other parents arriving.

What to expect at check-in:

  • All paperwork and payments are to be completed online before arrival.  We anticipate this change and the online nature of our registration system will significantly improve our check-in process and speed.
  • Lice check.  We ask that you please carefully check your child for lice BEFORE arriving for camp, and take the measures required to ensure there are no lice or nits present on your child.  We will do a lice check when they arrive.  Please note: We will not be allowing on-site lice treatments due to awareness around our water system and the impacts of such products.  The “Lice Lady” Andrea has agreed to be on-site to treat your child without the use of chemicals for $80.00 per treatment.  This amount will be paid to her directly. We can check your child into camp once they are nit and lice free.
  • There will be a check-in table. Once we have checked your child in, we will let you know what cabin your child is staying in and you can go meet the counselor and get settled in.


Our focus is to ensure hearty meals and snacks for all kids. If your child has allergies, is vegan, gluten free etc, we will seek to accommodate and we also welcome you sending with your child some snacks or desserts that they prefer. We will also have a snack box available, including fresh fruit for those hungry between meal and snack times.

Please do not bring dogs to camp for drop off and pick up.  We welcome dogs on property during Dog Friendly Weeks only, in an effort to accommodate those with furry friends and those who have sensitivities to dogs.  Thank you for your help with this effort.

If you have questions about payment, forms, policies, camperships or administrative related information, please contact Unicamp’s Executive Director, Yvette Salinas: exec.director@unicampofontario.ca

If you have camp related questions, concerns, feedback on camps or programs or other questions related to onsite camp life and programming, please contact Camp Director, Michelle McComb: director@unicampofontario.ca

Yours sincerely,

Your Unicamp Team!

Camp Circle