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Executive Director: Mel Horvath-Lucid


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Dear Unicampers,

This year, in response to the increased interest in our camps and our desire to ensure that all children have an opportunity to come to camp, we have added an additional week of kids camps!

You can now also book and pay for accommodations and family camps online, using our handy map to select the accommodations that best suit you! If you have questions, feel free to email

New this year, we also have additional programs with Peace Valley Ranch!  For our 7-11 year old’s, you can now spend 2 hours learning about and connecting with horses, including a pony ride!  For our campers, 12 years and older, in addition to the trail ride adventure, we are now offering a full day ranch experience!

We continue to have great discounts for our children’s camps!  This year, we are offering our discounts through entering a discount codes at check out!  Book before March 31st, 2018 and you will automatically save 10 percent!!!  Here are the codes:

  1. Sending more than two children from the same household to camp?  Use our “UNI5” code for the 3rd or more registrations!
  2. Early bird 10% discount–automatically taken off when you book before March 31st, 2018.
  3. New to camp? Use our “NCD” code to save.
  4. We want to thank you for your referrals!  When you refer a friend, please use code “REF5”.

Children/Youth camps!

Children’s Camp 1: Superheroes, July 8th-14th.
Children’s Camp 2: Unicamp’s Got Talent, July 15th-21st.
Children’s Camp 3: Harry Potter, July 22nd-28th.
Children’s Camp 4: Explore, Invent, Create, July 29th-August 3rd (note shorter week)
Leader in Training (LIT!): July 15th-August 3rd.
Counsellor in Training (CIT): July 8th-28th.
Jouth (Junior Youth): August 6th-10th (Note shortened week.  Youth con weekend is directly before Jouth!)
Youth Con Weekend, August 3rd-6th.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

– Mel Horvath-Lucid.

Camp Manager: Michelle McComb


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Hello Unicampers!

I am excited to be returning to Unicamp for my 10th year as a Staff Member. I have grown and learned so much by working at Unicamp that has prepared me to be successful in my endeavours outside of camp. The Camp Director position has been split in two this year, the Executive Director and Camp Manager positions. This year I will be the Camp Manager. You will see me on property at camp working in multiple areas of everyday camp life. One aspect of this role that am really excited for is that I will be able to be very hands on in participating in camp work, as our wonderful Executive Director, Mel Horvath-Lucid, handles a lot of the administrative side of the Camp Director Role. Participating in what is happening and being offered at camp is the best part of working at Unicamp!

Something that I have found has stayed a constant at camp is the space we create for our staff to make mistakes, learn, and grow in. It can be difficult for youth and young adults to create these connections and bonds with someone in a mentorship capacity. I have been so fortunate to have found such amazing mentors and positive role models at Unicamp while on staff. This summer I would like to put a personal focus on fostering that safe space for staff and an environment for those connections to grow. A lot of my mentors and role models from camp have turned into close friends, people I can trust and go to to talk about anything. Many of our staff are already such important role models in the lives of our campers.

I am looking forward to some of the exciting changes that are happening at Unicamp this year. Our staffing team is already slowly filling out and looking very promising. See you when the days are warmer and filled with sunshine!

– Michelle McComb

Head Cook: Hannah Wolfe-Parthun


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I’m overjoyed to be taking on the role of Head Cook this summer at Unicamp. It’s been a role filled by many people I’ve looked up to in the past and it’s a dream to get the chance to be a positive role model and teacher in my own right.

I have always been interested in food and cooking, ever since I was small learning to bake bread with my mom. For me, food is an integral tool in nurturing and developing community. It is a way to bring people together, to form bonds, to build trust and is a mutual experience. It is a way for us to love, appreciate and respect our bodies, whatever they look like. It is a privilege to pass on the knowledge and skills I’ve learned over the years to new folks, just like it was done for me as a teen in the UC kitchen.

I also believe that eating is intimately spiritual and is deeply linked with the 7th UU principle “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”. When we cook and eat we get a unique opportunity to interact with the web on multiple levels and get the chance to create connections with our Earth. We eat the soil and sunshine and the water that give us the energy we need to make it through our day. We eat because of the labour that has gone into growing and harvesting. But we also eat because we must, so it is easy to get caught up in life and forget what has gone into putting food on our table. It is my goal to help facilitate mindful and spiritual preparation and consumption of food at camp this summer.

I also wish to continue upholding the politically aware and socially conscience aspects of the Unicamp kitchen that are integral to our UU principles. I follow in the footsteps of many radical folks who taught me about acceptance, justice and accountability. I want to foster a space in our kitchen that will be aware of and celebrate difference, fight oppressive ideologies and be a space of teaching, where we can hold each other accountable and grow together.

It is with so much love and excitement that I move towards this summer and I look forward to filling all your bellies with delicious food.

– Hannah Wolfe-Parthun


Unicamp Children's Camp Staff, 2018
Unicamp Children’s Camp Staff, 2018