2022 Unicamp Staff!

Our Staff team is growing steadily this year! Here’s who we have in place so far: (bold are returning 2021 staff members)

  • Executive Director: Yvette Salinas
  • Camp Director: Jenny Thomas-Bojin
  • Bookkeeper: Vera Monk
  • Admin Manager: Kate Macdonald
  • Fundraising Assistant: Denise Ruzage
  • Communications Assistant: Sam McGuire
  • Assistant Camp Director: Joanna Barrington
  • Senior Staff Floater (Senior Logistical Admin and Programming Staff): Eli McComb
    • Customer Service Support: Joseph
  • Program Director: Sasha Karp
    • Head Counselors: Aria Core, Noah Hunt
    • LIT/CIT Facilitators: Anika, Arvid, Katy, Reese
    • Kid’s Camp Counselors: Alex, Ayla, Carmen, Cecilia, Chloe, Cole, Jora, Margo, Miles, Nora, Ruby, Saturn, Skye, Yohann
    • Jouth Counselors: Anika, Arvid, Caroline, Jora, Reese
    • Lifeguards: Chloe, Carmen, Galen, Marlowe
  • Head Cook: Hauwa Turner
    • Assistant Cooks: Eli, Mori, Aria, Olivia
    • Prep Cooks: Kate S., Galen
  • Head of Ops: Brenzel Baker
    • Ops Crew: Bram, Bryce, Carmen, Cypress, Deven, Nicole
  • Property Managers: Terry O’Sullivan and Luc LePage
    • Assistant Property Managers: Raven, Siebren
    • MIT/Property Staff: Nicole, Joseph, Sasha

(last updated June 21, 2022)

Staff Bio’s

Executive Director: Yvette Salinas

Email: exec.director@unicampofontario.ca

I was born and raised in South Texas, USA. I arrived in Montreal, Canada in 2006 with a degree in Elementary Education and a desire to use that knowledge to support and strengthen my community.

My nonprofit experience includes on-the-ground facilitation and coordination work with seniors, children, and families through numerous organizations including: the NDG Senior’s Atelier, NDG Community Council, the Boîte à Lunch program, and the Cheap Art Collective. I’ve also served on the Board for Action Communiterre, an organization focused on healthy eating and urban agriculture; been a Board member with Le Grand Pas, an anti-bullying organization; been a member of the organizing committee of NDG Art Hive, a space for free and accessible art for all; and a crucial member on the Arts and Culture Table, overseeing and funding local community art projects. Don’t be surprised if you see me crafting or helping put together a cultural event at some point at Unicamp—I believe rather strongly in the power of Art to unite communities as well as empower the marginalized, such as children and families living in vulnerable neighborhoods in Montreal.

Through my community work, I gained the attention of the staff and board at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, who hired me into the Religious Education Program. What a joy to find a spiritual home! For the past 5 years I’ve been living out our Seven Principles (though my 2nd Principle is my favorite) through work with LREDA’s (that is, the continental Religious Educators Association) Justice and Equity Team, the UCM’s Racial Justice Task Force, and numerous cultural and religious professional Unitarian groups. I am currently serving Lay Chaplain in order to serve and represent the Unitarian Church of Montreal by officiating weddings, memorials, and other rites of passage.

I am definitely glad to find myself the Executive Director of Unicamp, a position that celebrates and builds on these two tracts in my life! Besides creating with new and repurposed materials, I like to dance (I’ll try any style as long as there’s a good rhythm) and I’m learning how to drum (to create those good rhythms by the campfire).  I can’t wait to spend lots of time at Unicamp and get to know the folks that know and love it well. If and when you see me onsite, don’t be shy to say hello!

Yvette Salinas

Camp Director: Jenny Thomas-Bojin

Email: director@unicampofontario.ca

Hello Unicampers and Future Unicampers!

I am a long time Unicamper who believes in the power of community, the wisdom found in spending time with a special tree, and the call to justice that comes from loving the wild. I believe in the strength of found family, the value of challenging our assumptions and the transformative power of summer camp for people of all ages.

This work is so special to me because Unicamp is a place that honours these values and makes space for learning and growth, all while being almost impossibly fun.

I can’t wait to see you all for another memorable summer!

Jenny Thomas-Bojin
Camp Director

Property Manager : Terry O’Sullivan

Email:  tosulltwo@gmail.com

I came to Unicamp as a Circle Dancer and eventually volunteered on maintenance for three seasons before becoming Property Manager for the last 5 years. With a BSc and carpentry school behind me, I’ve worked as a contractor, industrial Lab Technician, Biological Technician and Home Energy Advisor. My current interests include hiking, kayaking, permaculture, dancing and campfire sing-alongs.