Property Staff 2022

Unicamp of Ontario is seeking members of its PROPERTY STAFF to maintain the buildings and grounds during its open season (May-October). Two roles are available, although incoming staff members can request to build a position that includes aspects of each.

To apply, please register at .

Property Manager

The Property Manager is responsible for the usability, accessibility and sustainability of the Unicamp property and facilities, both for the immediate enjoyment of the community and for future generations. Based on an intimate knowledge of how the community interacts with the built and natural environment, they provide advice to the senior staff and the Board to inform visioning and planning. Pay rate and hours depend on experience and availability but begin at $21.50 per hour.


  • Maintain Unicamp property and systems in good order, directing and supervising staff, volunteers and contractors as necessary
  • Provide advice to the Senior Staff and the Board about property issues, maintenance projects, etc.
  • Research supplies, obtain pricing and place orders
  • Advise the Camp Director on issues affecting Unicamp property and systems
  • Attend required training for position and maintain required certifications
  • Anticipate and prioritize necessary property/systems work
  • Give input into the Budget for Maintenance, Equipment, and Training and work within established budget when planning for the year.
  • Monitor site, including solar panels
  • Maintaining communication with the Property Chair in order to remain accountable to the Unicamp Board, including giving input on the 2022 Budget and Capital Budget
  • In partnership with the Camp Director and Board Property Chair, keep up-to-date with regulations affecting Unicamp property
  • Arrange for tree cutting as required
  • Respond to property emergencies as needed
  • Plan 2021 work periods, in collaboration with Camp Director
  • Assist with volunteer coordination with the Camp Director, including signing off on hours volunteered and ensuring volunteer safety.Working with the Camp Director, plan 2022 MIT program and its promotions
  • Coordinate trips with other Staff members to ensure the Unicamp grounds are secured at least once a month or after unusual events (i.e. high winds) during this contract period.
  • Supervise Assistant Property Manager, overseeing the scheduling etc.
  • Mentor community members in regards to maintenance and building; ensure safe use of tools while onsite, etc.
  • Working with Camp Director, obtain approval from Board for larger projects as per guidelines.
  • Record knowledge in a written form so that Unicamp maintains records in case of transition.
  • Assist the Camp Director with community relations, serving as the on-site public face of Unicamp.

Assistant Property Manager

The Assistant Property Manager is focused on the care and maintenance of our property and buildings. In the spring and fall, the Assistant Property Manager is on-site 24 hours per week and divides their focus between: maintenance of buildings and properties; cleaning and customer care; receiving payments; supporting those who arrive without a reservation; ensuring rentals have what they require; and that concerns and questions are responded to or are directed to the best person to respond. Pay rate and hours depend on experience and availability but begin at $15.00 per hour.

During July and August, the Assistant Property Manager will work with the operations team, both to ensure communication and fully utilize staff to support grounds and repair work when two people are required and to provide leadership to the team, during the Head of Operations days off. 

Assistant Property Manager responsibilities

• Maintain Unicamp property, building and sites, ensuring all are in good order, directing and supervising staff, volunteers and contractors as necessary 

• Take direction from the Property Manager on tasks to be done 

• Maintain a list to demonstrate the work completed 

• Monitor site, including solar panels 

• Perform daily water testing when the Property Manager is off-site 

• Maintain a current Water testing certificate 

• Keep up-to-date with regulations affecting Unicamp property 

• Respond to property emergencies as needed 

• Balance time between projects to be completed, cleaning to be executed and providing front line customer service to the Camp users in the shoulder sessions, including receiving payments, showing campers to their accommodations and providing an orientation when appropriate 

• Ensure that Unicamp policies and rules are upheld by the various groups on-site 

• Work with the Property Manager to determine what tasks are the priority and what tasks can wait 

• Ensure a collaborative and positive demeanor when working with other staff, volunteers and campers 

• Maintain campsites, paths and other common areas ; Ensure that the ground remain clean 

• Work with guests to provide front end administrative support, orientations at the beginning of programs, and customer service throughout their stay 

For further information, contact Yvette Salinas, Executive Director, at