Program Staff

Program Staff

The counseling/programming Staff shall strive to embody and grow the values and spirit of Unicamp, honoring the principles and sources of Unitarian Universalism. They will assist with programming for the Children’s Camp and/or Junior Youth Camp. They will work with the Program Director, and Head Counselor to develop and schedule activities that are consistent with the traditions and outdoor environment of Unicamp. Counselors share accommodation with campers during Children’s and Junior Youth camps. Counselors report to the Head Counselor and Program Director.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Work constructively as part of a dynamic programming team.
  2. Plan, lead, and assist with Children’s Camp activities and events.
  3. Follow Unicamp rules, policies, and procedures and encourage others’ adherence to these rules.
  4. Supervise the safety and well-being of campers throughout Children’s Camp program.
  5. Guide and lead LITs and CITs as they develop their leadership and counseling skills.
  6. Handle minor behavioural issues between campers and/or staff members in a positive and constructive manner.
  7. Escalate more serious behavioural concerns by reporting to management.

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Download a pdf of this job posting here: Unicamp 2018 Program Staff

Applications close on February 28th 2018 at 8:00 pm.