Meals 2022

2022 Meal Prices July – Labour Day
Adult Prices
Adult – All 3 Meals$33.00
Adult – Breakfast Only$11.00
Adult – Lunch Only$13.00
Adult – Dinner Only$15.00
Child 5 years – 15
Child All 3 Meals$21.00
Child – Breakfast Only$7.00
Child – Lunch Only$8.00
Child – Dinner Only$10.00
  • 13% HST added to the price of all meals
  • We are equipped to provide hearty meals for omnivores and vegetarians without dietary restrictions.
  • We are not able to accommodate food allergies or specialty diets at this time.
  • Guests who require a restricted or specialty diet are encouraged to bring their own meals.
  • Remember to book your dining meals at least a week ahead so our cooks can plan in advance. Occasionally, kitchen staff can accommodate last-minute meal requests. If so, please pay at the Admin office as soon as possible (your honesty is appreciated). Last-minute diners are asked to wait until other campers receive their meals.
  • Meals are generally served at 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
  • Kettles, hot plates, and microwaves are available for the cottages.
  • The Dining Hall interior remains closed. Meals are served outdoors. There is no access to microwave or fridge for guests at the Dining Hall.
  • There is a sink, kettle, and coffee (by donation) available for all guests on the Dining Hall deck.