Unicamp is hiring!


Head to our Staff Portal to apply to work on Unicamp’s Staff Team for the 2022 season!

Job Descriptions for Available Positions


**Communications Assistant

The Youth in this role will have direct experience with various forms of communication promoting Unicamp programming and services to its community, the UU network, and the local area. Once hired, the Youth will be connected to the Executive Director in order to clarify expectations about the role and brainstorm outreach that the Youth envisions and/or would like experience in.
We are looking for someone creative who can show us they know and can represent the camp “brand” through various media channels. This would require generating social media content (including photos and videos) and monitoring social media activity to promote engagement of our online audiences. They would also have the opportunity to design an updated version of the manuals listing Unicamp’s policies, protocols, and Camp Conduct Agreement.
This staff role is also involved in e-mail communication to our mailing list of Unicamp users. The Youth will collaborate with the Camp Director on Letters sent to Kid’s and Youth Camp families and contribute to articles for the Camp newsletter. Work can be done remotely; starting date flexible. $15 p/h, 30 hrs/week, 9 week contract (possibility of extension)

Responsibilities include:
*Marketing & Communications
*Social Media
*Website Maintenance
*Communication Brainstorming
*Newsletter Coordination
*Participation in outreach events on behalf of Unicamp

**Fundraising Assistant:

The Youth in this position will work closely with the Executive Director to prepare a capital fundraising campaign to improve accessibility to our buildings and program spaces. They will communicate with the Property Manager and Property Chair to understand the long-term financial needs of maintaining Unicamp infrastructure. Working with the Communications Manager and Communications Chair and collaborating with the Executive Director, they will perform outreach without our community to connect with individuals who may be interested in donating money to the cause. They will communicate Unicam’s mission to local communities and within the UU network and aid in maintaining positive relationships with donors.
Utilizing training on grantwriting (provided through Unicamp’s resources, if not accessed beforehand), this position will prepare grant applications for foundations and groups to improve accessibility and services for seniors. By developing relationships with potential donors, researching funding opportunities, co-managing the capital fundraising campaign, and potentially coordinating events, the Youth will hone their speaking, writing, and leadership abilities while moving Unicamp closer to its long-term financial goals. $15 p/h, 30 hrs/week, 9 week contract (possibility of extension)
*Promote awareness of Unicamp’s mandate and programming
*Maintain Unicamp’s donor database and aid in connecting with past donors
*Spot new fundraising opportunities, including grants
*Brainstorm fundraising initiatives to help Unicamp meet its capital budget goals
*Aid in communication, including the brochure, social media and newsletter articles

Counselors/Program Staff: Counselors/Program Staff will assist with programming for the Children’s Camps and/or Junior Youth Camp. They will work with the Program Coordinator, and Head Counselor to develop and schedule activities that are consistent with the traditions and outdoor environment of Unicamp. Counselors share accommodation with campers during Children’s and Junior Youth camps. Counselors report to the Head Counselor and Program Coordinator.

Operations Crew Member: Operations Crew members will perform hospitality, grounds-keeping, prep cooking, and/or dishwashing duties as assigned by the Head of Operations in conjunction with the Camp Directors. Operations crew members report to the Head of Operations. All operations crew staff positions will be cross-trained and expectations are that operations crew workers may be assigned to other duties as needed.

Assistant Cook: The Assistant Cook will assist the Head Cook in preparing, serving and cleaning up of all meals. The Assistant Cook will mentor the Kitchen Staff and CITs assigned to the Kitchen in conjunction with the Head Cooks. A significant part of this position comprises of the maintenance of high health standards in the Kitchen and Dining Hall. This role is integral to the community of Unicamp because the Assistant Cook, as a middle management position, acts as a mentor and a leader for the community.

For additional information or questions please email jobs@unicampofontario.ca