JOB DESCRIPTION : Senior Logistical Administrative and Program Support Staff (SLAPSS)

This role is focused on supporting the functioning and flow of the 5 main aspects of camp, through working with the teams directly, covering days off, and supporting problem solving and troubleshooting, training and efficiency. The SLAPSS seeks to support the kitchen, programming, operations, and on-site administration by working directly with the team. They will cover days off for other senior staff members including the Assistant Director, Administrative Manager, Program Director, and Head Cook.  They will be responsible for coordinating trips to town either as a driver or covering for other staff members while they are working off site.  This also a front-facing role, serving campers and guests directly through: receiving and processing payment, booking accommodations through the online reservation system (including for those who arrive without a reservation) and point-of-sale software, and answering any questions or requests or direct campers and staff to the person who is best suited to respond. This position reports to the Camp Director. 


  1. Be conversant in all Unicamp Policies and Procedures and work to make sure these are being followed by staff and guests.
  2. Ensure that all camp accommodation and shared facilities are maintained in a clean and habitable condition and that cottages and dorms are kept appropriately furnished.
  3. In order to ensure that Unicamp operations and the staff team dynamic runs smoothly and efficiently, the Senior Staff Floater will be called to fill in for senior and management staff (Ast. Director, Admin Manager, Program Director, Head Cook, Head of Operations, Ast. Property Manager, Head Counselor) as needed on their days off. Ensure health and safety practices are being followed by all workers. 
  4. In close co-operation and with associated team members, take on property, administrative, culinary, operational and/or programming tasks as assigned.
  5. Plan and implement camp general recreational activities (hikes, tours of camp, discussions), especially during Family Camp.
  6. With other senior staff members, hold evening Informational Orientation at the start of each weekend and/or each Program as required
  7. Assume and oversee daily reception, registration and office duties on Admin Manager’s days off, providing superior customer care 
  8. Coordinate trips to town with all other staff drivers, working to ensure that only necessary trips are being taken.
  9. In conjunction with the Operations, Program, Property, Kitchen, and Admin teams, inventory and plan shopping trips for supplies.  
  10. Prepare comprehensive lists/trip plans for trips to town ensuring all listed items are authorized by an appropriate member of the relevant team.  The Senior Staff Floater may act as a driver/shopper or cover for other staff members while they are conducting this work off site.  
  11. Track all expenses made on Unicamp credit/debit cards and submit these to the bookkeeper in a timely manner using appropriate forms.