Job Description – Ops Crew

Ops Crew: The Operations Crew Worker shall strive to embody and grow the values and spirit of Unicamp, honoring the principles and sources of Unitarian Universalism. The Operations Crew member will perform hospitality, grounds-keeping, prep cooking, and/or dish washing duties as assigned by the Head of Operations in conjunction with the Camp Managers. Operations crew members report to the Head of Operations. All operations crew staff positions will be cross-trained and expectations are that operations crew workers may be assigned to other duties as needed.Responsibilities:

  1. Working as part of a team
  2. Following provincial and Unicamp specific Health and Safety requirements pertaining to all work environments including the kitchen, shed, pump house, and all other areas where work is performed.
  3. Taking an active and participatory role in maintaining and improving the cleanliness and functionality of Unicamp property
  4. Following Unicamp rules, policies, and procedures, as outlined during staff training, and encouraging others’ adherence to these rules Operations Crew
  5. Intentionally take time to engage with campers and other staff and volunteers
  6. Demonstrate a sense of pride and responsibility with regards to the vital nature of the Operations team and operations work at Unicamp

Occasionally, the staff member may also be a Lifeguard: To act in the role of Lifeguard and to do so in accordance with NLS certification, ensuring the safety of our campers in waterfront activities.

History of this Position:

  • 2022: Yohann, Bryce, Chloe, Carmen, Nicole, Ruby, Nora, Ashley, Jay, Bram, Cypress, Hazel, Kate, Dev