JOB DESCRIPTION: Guest Services and Admin Manager 2023

This position is pivotal to the functioning of Unicamp, supporting the Camp Director with the flow of the 5 main aspects of camp, prioritizing admin through a wide range of administrative and office support to facilitate efficient administrative and financial operation of Unicamp as a charitable  organization.. They will work with the various teams directly, covering days off, and supporting problem solving and troubleshooting, training and efficiency.  The Guest Services and Admin Manager  is also a front-facing role, serving campers and guests directly through: receiving and processing payment, booking accommodations through the online reservation system (including for those who arrive without a reservation) and point-of-sale software, and answering any questions or requests or direct campers and staff to the person who is best suited to respond. This position is currently a full-time position for July and August. This position reports to the Camp Director and Executive Director. 

During the on-season, the Admin Manager will assist with campers arriving and departing from Unicamp. They will work in the Admin building during set office hours and assist customers in numerous ways such as in paying for their stays (including meals, programs and events), answering questions, answering the phone and returning phone messages, and assisting with bookings. They will be a liaison between other staff members such as the Cooks for kitchen meals, the Program Director and Head of Operations, and will also respond to concerns/complaints and escalate to the Camp Co-Directors or Executive Director as required. 


  • Assist customers in paying for their stays (including meals, programs and events)
  • Be visible and present during meal times to assist campers, answer questions, take payments and to monitor meals served verses meals paid for
  • Communicate with Head of operations regarding arrival and departure dates and what sites and accommodations will require attention first
  • Communicate with the kitchen regarding meal numbers, allergies (we still seek to do our best to have options for folks who have restrictions) and last minute requests
  • Assist folks in finding what they are looking for and communicating what is happening. Items like: firewood, ice packs, events, programs, location of events etc
  • Check the phone at least 3 times daily during Family Camp. Either respond to booking requests or if on a Monday or Friday, these can be forwarded to the off-site admin to respond to, therefore, Monday would be an optimal day off.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days.
  • Liaison with the Program Director to support communication of events and directing people to the most appropriate person to talk to
  • Respond to concerns/complaints and escalate to the Camp Director or Executive Director as required
  • Be solution-based in responses to queries, and willing to look into information further to determine next best steps and well-rounded decision making.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the Bookkeeper to keep in the know with booking history, conversations and back story of bookings to present a united team
  • Be present at group campfires, and around camp. Make it easy for people to find someone to assist them. Let folks know each day, the best spots to find you.
  • Make intentional effort to connect, develop community and support the daily flow of camp
  • Maintain records of cash and cheques received at Unicamp 
  • Working with Camp Director and Bookkeeper, deposit cash payments to bank regularly during the open season (ideally once a month) and submit payment information for processing.
  • General clerical duties including photocopying, scanning, faxing and mailing
  • Maintain electronic and if necessary hard copy filing system
  • File and retrieve documents from the online filing system
  • During the Pre-Season, connect with previous and potential campers in order to promote reservations and program registration.
    • schedule outreach on behalf of Unicamp, attending local and congregational events in order to share camp information. 
    • Working with the Communications Manager and collaborating with the Executive Director, they will perform outreach virtually or in-person to connect with individuals who may be interested in donating money to ensuring Unicamp runs its programming for the season.
    • Communicate Unicamp’s mission to local communities and within the UU network and aid in maintaining positive relationships with donors. 
    •  Promote awareness of Unicamp’s mandate and programming 
    • Maintain Unicamp’s donor database 
    • Connect with past donors 
    • Research and apply to new fundraising opportunities, including grants