Job Description – Assistant Property Manager

The Assistant Property Manager is focused on the care and maintenance of our property and buildings. In the spring and fall, the Assistant Property Manager is on-site 24 hours per week and divides their focus between: maintenance of buildings and properties; cleaning and customer care; receiving payments; supporting those who arrive without a reservation; ensuring rentals have what they require; and that concerns and questions are responded to or are directed to the best person to respond. This position can also accept payments from customers/private rentals. 

During July and August this position is full-time. During July and August, the Assistant Property Manager will work with the operations team, both to ensure communication and fully utilize staff to support grounds and repair work when two people are required and to provide leadership to the team, during the Head of Operations days off.

History of this staff role:

  •  2022: Raven Booth & Siebren Kuitert
  • 2021: Siebren Kuitert
  • 2020: Larry Knight & Siebren Kuitert
  • 2019: Siebren Kuitert