Dog-Friendly Days 2022

Dogs: We welcome campers’ canine friends during specific Dog-Welcome dates (see Programming Calendar): this year, the permitted dates are July 29th – August 7th and October 7th – 10th. We ask that those bringing dogs be mindful of their canine friends at Unicamp and respect these designated dates and the conduct policy. Dog owners staying in dorms or cottages will be asked to sign a responsibility commitment and pay a cleaning fee in case of damages.

We acknowledge Unicamp’s natural ecosystem—our interdependent web of life—and we respect the Bruce Trail Conservancy regulation in its hikers’ code of conduct, and Mulmur Township by-law 11-02 which indicate that dogs must be on-leash at all times on camp property, including the pond. Dogs must be kept back from people who do not wish to interact with them: please do not approach any other campers unless they have communicated they are comfortable with close proximity to dogs. This may be difficult at campfires and at the beach, as smaller spaces; dog owners are asked to make a reasonable effort to respect those around them. 

Please keep your dog away from other dogs that may interact aggressively with yours; wait for consent before approaching other dogs. 

Excessive barking disturbs everyone at camp and drives away wildlife; if your dogs bark when you leave them alone, then someone must stay with them at all times. Continued disturbance will be handled as per the Camp Director’s discretion.

Dogs are never permitted on Cowpye Hill, which is not part of Unicamp but is our neighbour’s ranch property. The Unicamp Program Center and Dining Hall and deck are off limits to all animals at all times, with the exception of service animals. Owners must carry bags to scoop up after their dogs (on any part of Unicamp property, even in the woods), and dispose of the bags in the container marked for that purpose near the Dining Hall. 

Service Animals: Those with service animals are welcome to public spaces within Unicamp. The animal must be identified in one of two ways: wearing an identifying vest, or documentation from a regulated health professional confirming that the owner requires the animal for reasons relating to a disability. Service dogs must be kept on their leash/harness and under the full control of their user/owner at all times. Campers are encouraged to alert the Camp Director of their situation before their arrival at Unicamp. Note: Service Animals are never allowed in the kitchen at Unicamp, due to health regulations. 

For more information, e-mail