Assistant Camp Director & Program Director Job Posting

Unicamp of Ontario is currently seeking a new Assistant Camp Director and a Children’s Program Director to help shape and manage our children’s camps, campground, and retreat center!   

Staff Portal:

The Assistant Camp Director  would assist the Camp Director in managing day-to-day operations of Unicamp, including preparing the camps for the summer, developing and training the staff, managing operations staff, and ensuring a safe, meaningful and positive environment for all.  

The Children’s Program Director will ensure facilitation of children and youth programming in July and early August, working closely with the programming staff to ensure programming that is aligned with Unicamp’s values. 

We are seeking candidates who are:

  • Energetic
  • Patient
  • Positive
  • Self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • Able to shift gears easily and manage a variety of tasks
  • Comfortable in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings
  • Understanding of the importance of summer camp in the lives of children and youth
  • Receptive to feedback
  • Willing to learn new skills and grow professionally

Requirements for both jobs listed:

  • Familiarity with Unitarian Universalist principles and practices 
  • Highly organized with good attention to detail
  • Dependable, timely and accountable
  • Standard First Aid/CPR is required
  • Knowledge of requirements for kid’s summer camps, campgrounds, working kitchens, and charity organizations OR how to easily access resources about these

To apply or for more information about this role please reach out to Joanna Barrington (Camp Director) with questions or resumes:

Working conditions:

  • During the main season, these roles are full-time and onsite at the camp in Mulmur, Ontario.
  • In the off-season,  part-time hours depend on employee availability and budgetary allowance.

We welcome applicants with many different qualifications and work backgrounds.  Some helpful qualifications to highlight in your application might include:

  • Leadership experience with youth and young adults.  Most of our program staff are 16-25.  This is a very important aspect of the role.
  • Team management experience (2+ years preferred)
  • Familiar with overnight summer camp legislation and standards in Ontario
  • Knowledge of Unicamp traditions and routines for children and youth camps
  • Experience with adult programming and volunteer coordination
  • Education in Recreation and/or Outdoor Education and/or Teaching and/or equivalent experience
  • Helpful trainings include: NLS, NVCI, Mental Health First Aid, UU Youth Advisor Training, Chaplain/Youth Chaplain Training


The Assistant Camp Director is focused on supporting the functioning and flow of the 5 main aspects of camp, through working with the teams directly, covering days off, and supporting problem solving and troubleshooting, training and efficiency. The Assistant Camp Director seeks to support the kitchen, programming, operations, and on-site administration by working directly with the team. 

The Assistant Camp Director is also a front-facing role, serving campers and guests directly through: occasionally receiving and processing payment, booking accommodations through the online reservation system (including for those who arrive without a reservation) and point-of-sale software, and answering any questions or requests or direct campers and staff to the person who is best suited to respond. This position reports to the Camp Director. 

Employment Dates:

This position begins as a remote, part-time position, at the end of February. It is a full-time position from June 25 to September 4, 2023. Possibility for part-time hours in the fall. In the off-season, the amount of part time hours depend on employee availability and budgetary allowance.

Duties of Assistant Camp Director include (but are not limited to):

  1. Ensure that all camp accommodation and shared facilities are maintained in a clean and habitable condition and that cottages and dorms are kept appropriately furnished.
  2. In conjunction with the Head of Operations, inventory, plan, and shop for all cleaning and operational supplies. This does not include Kitchen Supplies.
  3. In order to ensure that Unicamp operations and the staff team dynamic runs smoothly and efficiently, the Assistant Camp Director will be called to fill in for the Camp Director or other management staff (Head of Operations, Ast. Property Manager, Head Counselor, Program Coordinator) as needed on their days off. Ensure health and safety practices are being followed by all workers. 
  4. In close co-operation and with the assistance of the Property Manager and Assistant Property Manager, Camp Director to: Make security checks of the property at suitable intervals. Assist with any repairs or maintenance projects as time and skills permit. 
  5. In close co-operation and with the assistance of the Camp Director, to: Schedule, supervise and train Camp Staff, monitor their work and behaviour, and prepare performance evaluations.
  6. With Camp Director, hold evening Informational Orientation at the start of each weekend and/or each Program. 
  7. Assume and oversee daily reception, registration and office duties on Admin Manager’s days off, providing superior customer care.
  8. Provide assistance in the office with reception and registration duties. 


The Program Director shall strive to embody and grow the values and spirit of Unicamp, honoring the principles and sources of Unitarian Universalism. The Program Director will work with their team to develop program content that is consistent with the traditions, values, and outdoor environment of Unicamp. 

The Children’s Program Director is in charge of the logistics of all programming occurring in July, and additionally, the Jr. Volunteer program in early August (four weeks of Kids’ Camp, Jouth, and Jr. Volunteer week). 

The Children’s Program Director will supervise and assist Head Counselors, Children’s programming staff, and CIT/LIT facilitators with programming and supervision of all the campers. The Children’s Program Director will ensure facilitation of children and youth programming, staff development and growth, working specifically mentoring program staff. The Program Director reports to the Camp Director.

Employment Dates:

This position begins as a remote, part-time position, at the end of February. It is a full-time position on-site at Unicamp from June 25-August 12, 2023. In the off-season,  part-time hours depend on employee availability and budgetary allowance. 

Duties of the Children’s Program Director include (but are not limited to):

  1. Facilitate weekly meetings with programming staff, ahead of the arrival of next week’s campers, to co-create programming based on the skills, talents and passions of programming staff and feedback from campers, ensuring that programming aligns with our UU principles and values and that content remains fresh.
  2. Facilitate daily meetings with programming staff during Children and Youth’s camps, to ensure well being of campers and programming staff.
  3. Affirm and promote Unitarian Universalist values and principals through staff training/development, facilitation of regularly scheduled spiritual programs and integration of these values into other camp programming
  4. Plan, conduct, and direct the facilitation of program content, working with program facilitators.
  5. Supervise junior and management programming staff (Volunteers, Counselors, CIT/LIT Facilitators, Head Counselor).
  6. Ensure the safety and well-being of campers, CITs, LITs, volunteers, and Program Staff.
  7. Support and mentor Head Counselor in facilitation of day to day programming through facilitation of counselor meetings, scheduling counselor days off and preparing children’s camp counselor cabin-assignments as well as conflict resolution.
  8. Facilitate or assist with facilitation of ongoing weekly programs laid out in Unicamp publicity materials (i.e. drum circle, talent show, dance, Sunday Service) .
  9. Handle behavioural incidents between campers and/or staff members in a positive and constructive manner.
  10. Escalate serious problems to the Camp Director and work with senior staff to resolve camper/staff incidents and ensure issues are documented in writing.
  11. Communicate proactively with parents regarding any behavioural, medical, or safety issue pertaining to their child(ren) and report communications to Camp Director.
  12. Work with the leadership team to create safer space for all campers and staff.
  13. Creating internal hiring documents based on program staff evaluations, creation of Program Director’s Report to the AGM, and writing recommendations for the Board and Staff.

To apply or for more information about this role please reach out to Joanna Barrington (Camp Director) with questions or resumes: