April 1st

Introducing..our new logo!


Program Director SASHA KARP sent a shockwave at the latest Senior Staff meeting when he announced plans to change Unicamp’s mascot to a TURTLE, instead of our usual frog. “Frogs are SOOOO 1969. All love to Unicamp’s turtles! I think we’ll all be happier this way,” Sasha declared as he unveiled the new logo, seen above.

“Frogs are SOOOO 1969. All love to Unicamp’s turtles! I think we’ll all be happier this way.”

Sasha, Program Director

Senior Staff members are divided. JENNY THOMAS-BOJIN, longtime Unicamper and current Camp Director, diplomatically stated: “Sometimes new is not always better.” Assistant Camp Director, JOANNA BARRINGTON, added: “Never going to happen in a million, billion years.” Property Manager TERRY O’SULLIVAN and Bookkeeper VERA MONK reluctantly agreed that the UC turtles deserved more care and attention. Admin Manager KATE MACDONALD, who handles customer service on- and off-site, commented: “”Turtlegrooven” does have a certain ring to it!” and Head Cook HAUWA TURNER, reassured everyone that frog legs would never be on the UC menu, whether or not frogs are our mascot.

When asked for comment, Executive Director YVETTE SALINAS announced that any concerns would be brought to the Board for discussion at a future meeting, muttered something about Sasha’s Worth and Dignity, and dashed away before any further questions could be asked.

If you’re still reading this, hopefully you’ve realized today is April Fool’s Day. 🙂

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Lastly, here’s a preview of what’s coming up next!

We’re looking for photos and illustrations to go on our 2022 edition of a Unicamp stamp! For rules, visit UNICAMP ON A STAMP or e-mail yours to exec.director@unicampofontario.ca!