Adult Programs 2022

our programming calendar (info below)

Unicamp provides many opportunities to bring people together. We accept one another and keep on learning together, as each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life. Many programs are co-created by the Unicamp community and continue traditions such singing, dancing, art-making and hiking the Bruce Trail. We offer several new programs this year for a wide variety of opportunities to learn and grow at Unicamp.

In the event a program gets cancelled by Unicamp, your full registration fee will be reimbursed.

May 16 – June 10 – Maintenance-in-Training – Honorariums Provided

Participants (ages 18+) are given the opportunity to learn the opening, workings and maintenance of Unicamp from the Property Manager’s perspective. Care and use of tools, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry are included along with ethics of team work and the value of community.

Projects spearheaded by MIT include:

  • building a dock;
  • installing a beach shelter;
  • installation of hot water in dorms;
  • renovation of Summerhill cottage;
  • widening Unicamp’s access road;
  • building the dining hall deck roof.

This 4 week program is led and mentored by Terry O’Sullivan, Unicamp’s Property Manager. In addition to valuable experience in a positive community-centred learning environment, participants receive room and board and a $100 per week stipend. For more information please contact Terry: tosull2@yahoo.caIn 2022, a Work Month will take place at the same time as our Maintenance-in-Training program.  Those who would like to be involved in preparing for the upcoming season are welcome to join in at any time during this period. Tasks for all ages and skill levels are available. In appreciation for your time and energy, room and board is provided by Unicamp.

June 25, July 2nd, July 30th, and August 6th – Fairy FUNdraiser with Lauren – $25

The Fairies at Unicamp are worried.

The land needs us to be Stewards to the Unicamp forest, paths, beach,  bog, pond and streams. A Steward is someone who ensures the land is taken care of, and protected. That  garbage  is removed and pathways cleared. That we help teach others to also protect he land.

Can you help?

On any of four summer Saturdays you will have an opportunity to paint a fairy door. Then you will walk around unicqmp and find a special place this fairy door will be placed. This could be near a path, stream, beach or camp site. You will help protect and watch over this area, to ensure that it’s clear of garbage and tripping hazards, and kept beautiful.

The fairy door would let all the fairies, the Dryads (tree sprites), Nyads (water sprites),  Forest Sprites, and Brownies, know we are there to help protect them and their Sacred Forest.

Join Lauren and Dave Renzetti in this important work to help protect our Sacred Land.

Up to 15 doors will be made per event. People can work as a group on a fairy door and location.

July 2nd – Introduction to Sociocracy with Aukje Byker and Ben Wolfe – $30

An Introduction to Sociocracy Would you like to have meetings where people leave feeling energized? Where everyone gets heard and yet the meeting moves along quickly? Would you like your organization or a committee to be efficient as well as inclusive of everyone? Sociocracy is a form of governance that is based on the concept of being both inclusive and efficient. It has been used in many places in the world, to run co-housing communities, schools, businesses. Some churches are also starting to use it more as well. Come to this one day workshop and learn and experience some of the basics of Sociocracy. You will also learn what you can introduce others to as a start to trying out Sociocracy as well as where to get support and more training if you want to take it further. This workshop is facilitated by Aukje Byker who attended her first Sociocracy training in the fall of 2018 and since that time she has been very involved in learning and practising Sociocracy especially in the cohousing group she is part of. Contact Aukje at: if you have questions about the program. Program fee: $30.00

July 29th – 31st: Chakra Balancing Retreat with Archana – $208.95

This weekend retreat will have meditation, chakra balancing, and energy healing.  It runs from Friday evening to Sunday morning at 11 am.

Archana is certified Gemstone healer, Reiki master, Huna practitioner and Aroma therapist. She is trained in Chakra balancing, meditation, yoga and is a medical and spiritual intuitive. Archana’s life experiences from the beginning, took her on a journey of life-lessons that included amazing opportunities and great loss; a life with much privilege and devastating abuse. It is the journey of navigating through life’s challenges that Archana moved from pain to enlightenment. Ultimately, this path has led her to a place of achieving a greater sense of peace, wisdom and harmony within herself.  It is this gift that she shares with others now. Archana grew up in India in a Hindu family who were dedicated and devout followers of Yogi Sai Baba. She moved to Canada when she was 15 but had itchy feet and got down to the business of traveling the world as soon as she was old enough. It was on one of her travels that her life took a sharp turn … she met a man who changed the whole trajectory of her life. That man was His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.  Arch became a Buddhist Nun where she studied under his tutelage along with His Holiness Karmappa and Khumturl Rinpoche for 8 years. Archana returned to Canada several years ago and has been dedicating herself to a continued study of the healing arts. She continues to deepen her meditation practice through intensive retreats offered through the Vipassana Center in Ontario and stays connected to her ashram in Dharamsala, India. Archana has always had the ability to sense people’s physical wellness and state of being. She is a gemstone dealer and so pairing the healing benefits of gemstones to help people heal from illness and dis-ease was a natural progression. Today, Archana utilizes any combination of her healing modalities when working with people …crystals, aromatherapies, Reiki or Huna.  She will advise someone on how they can continue their own healing at home through meditation and visualization.

July 30th – Labyrinth Workshop with Helen – Free (Drop-Ins Welcome)

9:30-12:00 noon 

Labyrinth Workshop Focusing on the Journey Theme with Helen Iacovino

The journey, particularly the Hero’s Journey which is our journey of self-knowledge and spiritual discovery, is frequently associated with the labyrinth.  It represents our common life path, and a path leading to a goal (the centre) and back out again into the world, something transformative. It also represents the convoluted journey we have all taken during this pandemic, with all the inherent uncertainty. We will explore these themes, different content from last year.  Will probably not include a labyrinth walk, because distancing is impossible in a group labyrinth walk. Instead it is recommended that participants walk Unicamp’s labyrinth on their own or with their household sometime before and/or after the workshop. No fee. Please sign up as you book your reservations or at Admin.  Information: Helen Iacovino, or 647-637-1868.

July 30th – August 1st: Harvest Walk with Janice – Free (Drop-Ins Welcome)

The nature walk is a leisurely walk along the trails of Unicamp. Suitable for all ages but children under 12 do need a responsible adult with them. We will look at the flora and fauna of Unicamp. I will ask all to remain 6 ft from each other if not in a bubble group with them. 10 as a maximum so that we can all see and hear even though socially distanced. Please select the date you would like to join the walk. No Fee.

August 5th – 7th: Power of Self Compassion with Aukje – Sliding Scale $25 – $250

What if you were more compassionate with yourself?  How would that change who you are with yourself, in your relationships and in the world?  In this experiential workshop you will have an opportunity to explore how to change judgmental and critical thoughts of yourself by developing an understanding of why you choose the behaviours you do.

This opens the door to self-compassion.  Although this workshop is based on teachings from Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication (NVC), it is appropriate for both those who have taken past workshops in NVC as well as those who have not.

Program facilitator Aukje Byker is a Certified NVC trainer and has learned that when she can be compassionate with herself, she has greater compassion for others as well.  For more information email: Program fee: Pay what you feel comfortable paying – between $25 and $250.

August 12th – 14th: Sacred Circle Dance – $68.25 (sliding scale available)

This is a program of exploration of the world around us and within through simple movement to a variety of world music. Dances are relaxing and playful, uniting us in mind, body and spirit. No experience or partners needed! Bring drums, stories or dances to share, scarves and sacred objects to adorn our dance area. Facilitator Barbara Herring has led Sacred Circle Dance since 1996. She has led dance events in Ontario, BC and the USA. Barbara brings a sense of calm, joy and reverence to the dance. 

Barbara will once again be joined by Anne Crowe in creating the weekend.

Book early, enrollment is limited to 35. Info: Barbara at 705-748-6886 or 

August 19th – 21st – Sound Healing with Michael Moon – $126 (sliding scale available)

Come explore the magic of sound and its amazing healing properties. The most primal and intimate instrument is the human voice, closest to our body and spirit. Come learn how to use it as a simple, yet profound healing tool. You don’t have to be a musician or singer to experience the magic. We will explore the basic principles of sound healing, drumming, chanting, group improvisation and more. If you play a musical instrument, bring it along. Michael shares his 25 years of study and practice of sound healing and music production. Past participants have said: “The best workshop of its kind”, “So much fun and so relaxing,” “An amazing experience!” Includes a special concert with Michael on Saturday night. Info: 

August 22nd – 23rd – Vegan Films and Discourse with Irene – Free (Drop-Ins Welcome)

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” is a 2-evening documentary mini-series plus a morning meeting to learn about plant-rich nutrition and sample some tasty plant-based snacks. Monday evening: “Forks Over Knives” demonstrates the power of a plant-based diet to control or even reverse chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The film follows everyday people as they seek to reduce their dependence on medications and learn to use a whole-food, plant-based diet to regain control over their health and their lives. Tuesday morning: Gather for an introduction to plant-based nutrition. You don’t need to be 100% vegetarian or vegan to reap the rewards of adding more plan-rich foods to your diet. Sample some familiar snacks made without eggs, milk or cheese. Tuesday evening: “Cowspiracy” reveals the devastating environmental impact of large-scale factory farming of animals used for food. This industry is a primary driver of deforestation, water consumption and pollution yet it goes unchallenged by the world’s leading environmental organizations. Profound yet humorous, this documentary offers a path to global sustainability for a growing population. 

August 26th – 28th – Write and Tell Your Personal Stories with Anne Bokma – $131.25

Sharing our stories is a sacred act. “All that we are is story,” said the Canadian Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese.

This Story telling workshop presents you with the opportunity to create and share your story. Guided by award-winning journalist and long-time Unicamper Anne Bokma, you’ll write your true-life tale (maximum 1,000 words) over the course of the weekend and deliver it (maximum 6 minutes) in front of a small group.

Anne Bokma is the founder of the 6-minute Minute Memoir, a popular quarterly storytelling event in Hamilton, ON., which has featured dozens of presenters sharing hundreds of tales over the past seven years. She is also the author of the 1019 memoir, My Year of Living Spiritually: From Woo-Woo to Wonderful — One Woman’s Secular Quest for a More Spiritual Life from Douglas & McIntyre, a book Oprah magazine columnist Martha Beck describes as “an engaging, entertaining, well-researched romp through the many variations of non-religious spiritual practice.” You can find out more about Anne at Contact:

August 28th – September 2nd – Artist Retreat with Lauren – $157.50

from Sunday 5pm- Friday at 4pm

Using Unicamp and environs as our inspiration with its picturesque vistas, mossy craggy caves, dappled ponds, rolling hills, fantastic forests and expansive skies. We will explore the perfect location and capture the light of morning, afternoon, dusk and sunset. In three or four sessions a day create a series of small works in watercolour or drawing media of choice with on location drawing and painting. These may be finished works or studies for future paintings. Go off on your own, or stick with the camaraderie of the group.  Be introduced to a variety of techniques and strategies to create interesting composition. Use colour theory to create depth.  We will explore principals of composition, along with principals of design. Learn about the close view with single objects & the long view using panoramic skies and hills. Each day will also have  a constructive critique and reworking the previous days studies. Discussion about Tom Thompson, Emily Carr, & The Group of Seven and other contemporary artists and their styles  will also help round out this week-long immersion into the Canadian Landscape. This retreat is for all abilities, Adults- 16 years+, whether you are a practicing artist or just starting out, you set your own pace. None of our treks to our locations  will be too far from the program centre.We will drive to sunrise and sunet locations. Bring your own materials. 

This year, there will be some fieldtrips off site to the Bruce trail, the Peace Valley Ranch, and Marion Bennett’s wooded gallery in Singhampton . We will also explore sculptural natural art installations on camp property. Painting a fairy door will be an added activity!

For additional information or enquiries; 

Suggested Art Materials List

Pick one medium and use it! If you bring everything you will only be just trying the materials not getting good at any one of them. Acrylic is hard to manage plein air, hence not on the list.  If you have it and really want to use it that is totally ok. 

Basics: * means optional 

Mixed Media Sketchbook 9 x 11 or 11 x 14 -heavier  paper for wet studies,  canson is great 

2h,2b, 6b pencil, erasure, sharpener

*pilot fine liner or a water based ink 

*Erasing shield to create sharp lines

*Stomp to smudge pencil or chalk pastel (qtips also work) 

*chalk pastels -Mungo is great.


*watercolour pencils-derwent is lovely, reeves is economical, good too, crayola is terrible. 

*(digital) camera or phone with camera

2 water containers with lids

foldable seat or bucket with towel to carry and sit on 

blue painters masking tape to create borders on longer  studies. Non stickier tape   

watercolour * means optional

water paints wet or dry, palette

talkon brushes  round, flat sizes #2-8 , sea sponge, wax crayon or masking fluid*

plexiglass board  or gator board  18 x 24 (should hold 2 sheets of paper ) 

140lb paper  pad , individual sheets  of Waterford  or Arches or Strathmore

September 2nd – 4th: Functional Movement Dance Workshop$210 (sliding scale available)

Study functional movement, lead by Axis Syllabus teacher candidate Kathleen Rea. The Axis Syllabus is a compendium of information relevant to the training, preparation, and performance of the moving human body. The Axis Syllabus provides comparative data on flexibility, strength, alignment, injuries, and movement practices. Anatomical attributes and ways of moving that are basically safe and energy conservative will be explored. Kathleen will refer to physics, anatomy, and relevant scientific data from various fields.

Enrolment is limited to 15

Sliding Scale available: $120 – $210

For info, contact Kathleen at

September 16th – 18th: Great Lakes Circle Dancing – $60

During Great Lakes Circle Dancing we will dance in community with the intention of hope, love, and peace.  The weekend will be a combination of dances that are traditional, new, fun, simple, complex and sacred. No experience is needed.  Volunteers will offer or suggest  dances during this weekend.  Facilitators will weave the weekend together into a sacred container.

What is it that makes Sacred Circle Dance so special?  That is a very difficult question to answer because it is different for everybody.  Yet it seems to move people in a very special way.  The circle itself is a very powerful symbol of wholeness and completeness.   Add to that the movement and harmony of everyone doing the same steps together and you have a powerful combination.

The dances are taught step by step.  Focus is on the energies of the individual dance, the group present, the energies of beauty, grace, love and healing, to guide us on our journey.

Enrolment is limited to 30

A meal plan is available from Friday evening to Sunday noon.  Alta Wilbur will be our cook.  This is a separate cost.  Please email to order the meal plan or for inquiries.