2022 Camp Conduct Agreement

Please note that Unicamp’s 2022 Covid Protocols are included on a Separate Document that can be found: https://unicampofontario.ca/2022-covid-protocols/

Check In time for all accommodations is 4 pm. If you arrive early, feel free to explore Unicamp before setting up in your accommodations, unless otherwise specified by a Staff member. Reservations that have been fully paid will be held until 8 a.m of the morning after your booked arrival date. Please call Unicamp at (519) 925 – 6432 or email bookings@unicampofontario.ca if you expect a late arrival.

Check Out time is 11 am to allow accommodations to be serviced between visitors. Feel free to stay onsite after you check out and enjoy the grounds.

Day Use is welcomed except during Children’s and Jouth Camps (July 3rd – 29th) and event rentals. Please see Programming Calendar for unavailable dates. While Day passes can be purchased at the Admin building, advance notice is appreciated: You may call ahead (519) 925 – 6432, email bookings@unicampofotario.ca, or request Day Passes through our Reservation Form.

Blackout Dates: During Kids and Youth Programming (July 3rd – 29th) and Private Event Rentals (See Programming Calendar), Unicamp is closed to all occasional campers and day visitors, including unregistered guests of Seasonal Campers. Seasonal Campers have limited access to programming spaces during these times, and will be notified accordingly.  Swimwear is required on both beaches during these times. Accommodations and seasonal guest stays may be available during Event Rentals (as opposed to Private Rentals); for further information, contact bookings@unicampofontario.ca or call (519) 935-6432 during the open season.

Covid: Protocols are found on another document, to be updated as needed. Please note that Unicamp is taking a “multi-layer approach” to protect against the spread of Covid-19 and other communicable diseases. However, there remains a possibility that Covid-19 (or other communicable diseases) may be contracted at Unicamp despite our precautions, and that all campers and community members accept this risk as they arrive at Unicamp.

Noise: Amplified music, generators, and any other noisy recreational items are not permitted except for Camp Dances and Programs. A quiet camp (including Accommodations and Programming Spaces) is expected after 10 pm, or 11 pm on drumming and dance nights (Friday and Saturday during Family Camp). If the Camp Director deems noise is excessive at any time of day, you may be asked to lower your noise level. Failure to respect staff members’ reminder for quiet may result in your reservation being shortened.

Substance Use: Serving Alcohol or supplying Tobacco or Cannabis to Minors under the age of 19 is Illegal. Unicamp will not tolerate any form of supplying or serving Drugs or Alcohol to Minors.  Anyone doing so will be asked to leave the premises as soon as this is consistent with safety. Campers and guests smoking (see below) and drinking in the designated areas must be discreet in their consumption.  Drinking by campers should be limited to their campsites, although occasional drinking takes place at the Dining area.  Unicamp will identify and remove any safety hazards in areas where Smoking and Drinking take place, especially in cases of Unicamp events such as Candlelight Dinner.

Substance Use is not permitted during Kids and Youth Programming (July 3rd – 29th).

Smoking & Vaping: Most of Unicamp is tobacco free.  Smoking cigars, cigarettes, or vaping tobacco/cannabis is restricted to campsite fire pits, and at the two designated smoking areas (in the parking lot near the tool shed and at the picnic site farthest from Bob’s beach– see the map). All other areas are smoke-free.                        

Fire Safety: All campfires must be attended.  Ensure campfires are “dead out” before leaving them. Any unsupervised campfires will be put out by Unicamp staff, promptly. Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Anti-Harassment: Unicamp is a Unitarian Universalist camp committed to providing a safe and welcoming seasonal camp and spiritual retreat to a diverse community. Harassment can be physical, emotional and/or sexual. It can range from minor interaction that causes mild discomfort to more serious, invasive actions. Harassment may or may not be intentionally damaging but is always unacceptable. If you believe you are the victim of harassment, you are encouraged to report this fact to the Camp Director or other Senior staff member. Also, if you observe harassment you should bring the offensive conduct to a Senior Staff members’ attention. Complaints of harassment do not need to be in writing, however, in order for Unicamp to properly investigate the report, it may not be anonymous. The Camp Director, or a designated staff member, will decide Unicamp’s response. In some minor situations, they may recommend the community members follow the Conflict Resolution procedure. 

Dining Service: Meals are generally served at 8:30am, 12:30pm and 6:30pm with some exceptions for Friday evening and candlelight dinners. There is a 15 minute warning bell before the dinner bell. We are equipped to provide hearty meals for vegetarians and those without dietary restrictions. Those on restricted or speciality diets are encouraged to bring food to supplement, or, to cook their own meals.

Shoes are required while on the Dining Hall deck. 

Please book meals at least a week and advance and pay before receiving meals. Occasionally, last minute meal requests can be accommodated; speak to the Admin Manager to make this request. We ask that you wait until those who have booked ahead of time receive their meals. 

Ice Packs: We provide an icepack service to those camping; enquire at Admin if you require any. Donations to support this service are gratefully accepted at Admin or as you make your reservation.

Firewood: There is also wood for campfires available at the suggested donation of $5-10 for each armload/bundle–you may pay this as you make your reservation, or at our Admin office. Firewood can be found by the main Fire Pit, where a donation box is also located. Fire wood used at the main Fire pit is free. It builds community.

Lost and Found is located within the Old Admin trailer. If you have left something behind at Unicamp,  contact us as soon as possible by calling (519) 925-6432 or emailing bookings@unicampofontario.ca including a description of your lost item. We frequently donate unclaimed items. Please leave valuables at home. Lost items may be held until the end of the season unless you have made arrangement to pick them up the following year. 

Information will be posted at the Admin building if there is a Fire Ban in effect.

It is not permitted to dig or create any additional fire pits, especially on fire-free campsites.

Water Access: Regardless of the placement of hoses and taps to the Seasonal Campsite, it is available for use by any camper visiting Unicamp. Please close the tap tightly after use and report any leaking taps to Unicamp staff.

Water Safety: All persons who use the docks, pond, rafts and / or elevated platform, including campers, seasonal campers, staff, and event renters must obey the Water Safety requirements. Failure to comply may mean you are not allowed to swim during your stay at Unicamp, at the discretion of the Camp Director. A full version of the Waterfront Rules is available online or at Admin.

Unicamp does not provide lifeguards on site, with the exception of specific Children and Youth programs. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of your children.

All children 16 years and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult, when on the beach or swimming in the pond.

It is highly recommended that you always swim with a buddy, and stay within arm’s length of one another.

At the elevated platform structure, at any one time, there must be no more than a maximum of 4 people permitted (1 on the ladder and 3 on the top). Swimmers must jump off the platform from the one side facing the main body of the pond and must enter the water feet-first.

No more than a maximum of 8 people are allowed on a dock, or on a raft, at any one time.

Each person must wear a Life Jacket while using rafts, canoes and other boats.

Unicamp requires at least one rider to be 16 years or older when using any watercraft (canoes, boats, paddle boards, and pedal boats)–with the exception of watercraft made specifically for small children.

Canoes and other boats are to be boarded at the docks or shore. No boarding or disembarking in the pond or on the rafts. Do not dock boats/canoes at Bob’s Beach.

Swimming at night is not permitted.

Wildlife: Our 7th UU Principle asks to respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Fishing is not allowed in Unicamp’s pond or streams, (including catch and release). Please leave our abundant wildlife on their own. Pond animals are especially harmed by the natural oils on our hands; so do not handle frogs, turtles, or other creatures. Please ensure that your children do not touch wildlife. While at Unicamp, do not feed any wildlife, because that interferes with their natural ways and their ability to live independently. We ask that you ensure food and scented items such as bug spray and sunblock be stored away, in an effort to deter wildlife from visiting campsites.

Service Animals: Those with service animals are welcome to public spaces within Unicamp. The animal must be identified in one of two ways: wearing an identifying vest, or documentation from a regulated health professional confirming that the owner requires the animal for reasons relating to a disability. Service dogs must be kept on their leash/harness and under the full control of their user/owner at all times. Campers are encouraged to alert the Camp Director of their situation before their arrival at Unicamp. Note: Service Animals are never allowed in the kitchen at Unicamp, due to health regulations. 

Dogs: We welcome campers’ canine friends during specific Dog-Welcome dates (see Programming Calendar): this year, the permitted dates are July 29th – August 7th and October 7th – 10th. We ask that those bringing dogs be mindful of their canine friends at Unicamp and respect these designated dates and the conduct policy. Dog owners staying in dorms or cottages will be asked to sign a responsibility commitment and pay a cleaning fee in case of damages.

We acknowledge Unicamp’s natural ecosystem—our interdependent web of life—and we respect the Bruce Trail Conservancy regulation in its hikers’ code of conduct, and Mulmur Township by-law 11-02 which indicate that dogs must be on-leash at all times on camp property, including the pond. Dogs must be kept back from people who do not wish to interact with them: please do not approach any other campers unless they have communicated they are comfortable with close proximity to dogs. This may be difficult at campfires and at the beach, as smaller spaces; dog owners are asked to make a reasonable effort to respect those around them. 

Please keep your dog away from other dogs that may interact aggressively with yours; wait for consent before approaching other dogs. 

Excessive barking disturbs everyone at camp and drives away wildlife; if your dogs bark when you leave them alone, then someone must stay with them at all times. Continued disturbance will be handled as per the Camp Director’s discretion.

Dogs are never permitted on Cowpye Hill, which is not part of Unicamp but is our neighbour’s ranch property. The Unicamp Program Center and Dining Hall and deck are off limits to all animals at all times, with the exception of service animals. Owners must carry bags to scoop up after their dogs (on any part of Unicamp property, even in the woods), and dispose of the bags in the container marked for that purpose near the Dining Hall. 

The Peace Valley Ranch and Visiting Cowpye Hill: Access to Cowpye Hill is a privilege gifted by our neighbor, the Peace Valley Ranch. Campers are reminded that they must stay only on the hill and not move further down the hill or into the land surrounding Cowpye Hill, as well as respecting the animals residing within that space. If there are animals present, please do not visit Cowpye Hill. The Unicamp Staff may occasionally close access to Cowpye Hill, without notice, due to the needs of Peace Valley Ranch. Failure to respect posted Cowpye rules may mean Unicamp’s access to Cowpye Hill may be revoked for ALL campers.

In addition, the owners of Peace Valley Ranch have asked that Unicampers do not watch animals nor farm activities from the fence line (with the exception of “The Spot.”).

Garbage: Please do not ask camp to be responsible for your garbage.  Be mindful of sorting your trash, recyclables, and compost into the proper bins so that Unicamp staff does not need to sort this later. The best practice is to  take all your recycling and garbage back home with you, although you may also purchase tags for garbage bags from locations such as Giant Tiger, in Shelburne and put out your bags on garbage days.

Parking: One vehicle is allowed per site with access, in addition to your trailer or RV. All other vehicles should be parked in our main Parking Lot near Admin. Some campsites (referred to as “Walk-In”), including the Group Camp Site, do not have access for vehicles. Please confirm with a staff member while booking if you face challenges that require easy access to your vehicle onsite.

Inclement Weather: If there is a tornado warning or similar weather warning in effect, staff members will notify everybody onsite. Please follow all directions as communicated at that time.

Liability: Unicamp of Ontario and its Staff members absolve themselves of any liabilities for losses from fire, theft, vandalism, wind, floods, etc or any injury caused to Campers while onsite.