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YOUTH PROGRAMMING  page 8                                          page 9
 Unicamp provides a safe space and community-based place to Unitarian   canoeing, fire building, knot tying, outdoor cooking, navigation, earth care
 Universalist youth for a diverse range of programs. From our skill-based Out Trip to   stewardship skills, and emergency preparedness.
 our community-oriented CIT programs – youth have a blast here! Many of our lead   After completing their training time at camp, participants will travel to the wilds of
 staff came up through the ranks of youth programs and were Jouthers for a time.   a provincial park where they will spend their time camping and adventuring in the
 Most importantly, we acknowledge that UU youth are on a journey of discovery;   wilderness. They will put their leadership, resilience, teamwork and wilderness skills
 Unicamp supports youth by giving them time to chill out, make new friends, and   into practice. Participants will then return to Unicamp for a debriefing and celebration
 lend a hand around main camp. We support youth from all paths of identity to   of their accomplishments. A team of three leaders with lifeguarding, canoe instruction,
 grow into their sense of self and be confident individuals at camp and at home.   and wilderness first aid certifications will supervise youth. While emergency
 Shout out to our Unicamp Youth!  evacuation procedures will be in place in case of medical concern or inclement

 Leaders In Training (L.I.T.), July 9-29 (age 14 / entering Grade 9)  weather, due to the remote nature of this program, participation is not open to those
     with life-threatening allergies or medical conditions.
 Squad-up with other 14-year-olds (and any youth entering Grade 9) for a different
 kind of camper experience at UC! Leaders in Training will engage with the   Fee: $725.
 landscape at Unicamp, learning to navigate and discover some of camp’s roots
 and its culture. With the guidance of mentors, LITs are given the opportunity to   Unicamp Youth Con Weekend, August 5-7 (ages 14-18)
 give back to camp by helping out during camp-wide games and learning what it   Calling all Unitarian youth and friends – come join us at the Unicamp Youth Weekend
 means to be a role model.  for lots of fun and outdoor activities! Open to all high school age participants (grades
     9 -12 including those entering grade 9 in the fall) and their youth advisors. This
 Fee: $1,170 for the 3-week program. See page 6 for discounts.  weekend is an opportunity to participate in workshops, foster friendships, and explore

 Counselors In Training (C.I.T.), July 9-29 (age 15 / entering Grade 10)  the power of coming together as a Unitarian Universalist Community. If youth are
     planning to attend this program without a youth advisor from their congregation,
 Would you like to know what it takes to be an official Unicamp staff? CITs pick up   please contact Unicamp so that we can connect you with a group. Please bring a tent
 from the skills learned in the LIT program to help them figure out the ropes of   and bedding or make tent-sharing arrangements with your friends; limited extra tent
 being a counselor and the ins-and-outs of working with the operations crew. This   space will be available. Advisors seeking more information can contact the dean at
 program features a 2-night camp-out on the Bruce Trail, one day of shadowing An email from advisors with estimated numbers
 a staff member, and plenty of time to foster the CIT family. Participants are   would be appreciated. Hope to see you there!
 encouraged to think about the role of mentorship in our lives and at camp.
     Program Fees: Youth $50, Advisors Free.
 Fee: $1,170 for the 3-week program. See page 6 for discounts.
 Junior Youth (Jouth): Community Kaleidoscope, July 30-Aug 4 (ages 13-16)  A time for families to enjoy

 A kaleidoscope creates designs that consists of glass chips falling apart and then,   campfires, hikes, cave tours, Talent
 once shaken, coming back together again, only to make new beautiful designs.   Night, Comedy Night, swimming,
 Participants will have time to reflect and focus on themselves, their strengths, and   our famous Wednesday
 what they can do to help better themselves, their community, and the world at   Candlelight Dinners and much
 large. Put your mind to the test when you find out if you have what it takes in an   more. Parents: relax while your
 escape room. Build relationships, create together with the community, and enjoy   children aged 3 to 12 enjoy 2.5
 this week with your peers.   hours of staff-led programming
     from 9:30 to noon ($12 per child
 Fee: $395. See page 6 for discounts. (Please note that Jouth ends on FRIDAY   per day, includes a snack).
 August 4th.)
     Note: Children’s programming is only during Family Camp weeks. Additional
 Youth Wilderness Adventure, July 30-Aug 9 (ages 13-16)  childcare can be arranged in advance for $7 per child per hour, when available.
 Join our leaders for an adventure that challenges your limits, supports self-  Unicamp is an affordable place for families to vacation and we offer great
 discovery, exploration, understanding of our connection with nature, and creates   family discounts in our dining hall. Families taking meals get a 10% discount
 long-lasting bonds! We begin the program at Unicamp in the Group Campsite,   with their second child and subsequent children eat free. Meals for children
 dedicated to team building, leadership development, as well as learning the   under 5 continue to be free (see page 5 for details). For any dietary restrictions
 wilderness skills necessary to thrive in the outdoors. Skills covered will include   please contact

 For registration or enquiries: (519) 925-6432 or  To register online visit
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