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PRICING – cont’d.  page 6  CHILDREN’S CAMPS                        page 7
 PAYMENT Unicamp gladly accepts cash,   Children’s Camp is a truly magical time filled with fun, friends, learning and
 cheques, VISA, and Master Card, or   growth. Days at camp are full of fun activities including morning polar bear
 e-transfers to admin@unicampofontario.  swims in the pond, archery, cave tours, capture the flag, talent shows, dances,
 ca. (Cheques must be made out to   campfires, tie dye and so much more! For ages 7-13. T-shirts are included in the
 Unicamp of Ontario Inc.) Please add 13%   cost of kids camp.
 HST to all fees. Unicamp has to pay 3%
 to accept your credit card payments; if   Fee: $480 per week. See previous page for discounts.
 paying by credit card, making a donation
 of 3% of your total bill will help us to   Week 1: July 9-15, Camp Classics
 offset this expense and would be greatly   This week is packed full of traditional camp activities for the classic Unicamp Kids
 appreciated. A tax-deductible receipt can   Camp experience, a great way to experience a bit of everything! Campers choose
 be issued for donations above $20.  from a menu of great activities, creating their own perfect mix. Classic games
 RESERVATIONS & FEES To reserve a   and activities such as Red Dot Hunt and Staff Snark are back, along with your
 campsite, dorm or cottage, to ensure   other favourites. Opportunities for some basic camping and nature skills are also
 program space and to book meals, full   available, as well as time to enjoy the summertime simplicity by lying back and
 payment must be received 7 days prior to   cloud-watching or stargazing.
 your arrival. Please register for programs
 as soon as possible. To register: (519) 925-6432 or   Week 2: July 16-22, Harry Potter
 Programs may be cancelled if enrollment is low.   Don’t let the Muggles get you down.
 REFUNDS Cancellations made within 7 days of booked dates will not be refunded.   Grab your Hogwarts Express ticket
 Cancellations made more than 7 days before a booked date will be refunded, minus   to escape the Muggle world and
 a 10% administration fee to a maximum fee of $35. Special rates apply for families.  immerse yourself in the magical
     world of Harry Potter! Witches,
 GROUP SITE CAMPING  wizards, squibs, and magical
     creatures will be joining us once
 Rent our Group Site and set up a maximum of 9 tents in our beautiful starry   again to delve into the fantastical
 meadow. Perfect for a family & friends reunion camping trip or a group that wants   world that is held so fondly by
 more privacy, the Group Campsite is found in an old apple orchard a stone’s throw   many of us. Discover new magical
 from Easter Island’s raspberry bushes. With camping features such as potable water,   creatures and their history, get
 an outhouse and fire pit, your group will have everything they need. Sit underneath   sorted into a house, make wands,
 the trees and relax with the serenity of nature. This spot is favoured by local fire-  and practice your spells this week.
 flies in June! The Group Site is walk-in only; vehicles must stay in the parking lot.
 Additional fees for meals will apply. Firewood is available for a small donation.  Week 3: July 23-29, Fantasy and Wonder

 ACCESSIBLE COTTAGE – TOM’S  Discover the enchanting fantasy realm where the woodland animals talk and
     mythical creatures roam. Who do you want to be this week? A fearless knight,
 Please note that Tom’s cottage is in high demand; requests for Tom’s from those   a magical fairy, a spectacular dragon, or a fabulous princess? Explore fairy-tale
 with differing abilities will be given preference before June 1st. If an accessible   lore and legends, visit some of your favourite stories, and use your marvellous
 cottage is a need the cost will be $39/night/person. If Tom’s is a preference it will   imagination. This week we will create the most fun fantasy camp around.
 be $50/night/person.
     Pat Trudeau, a candidate for UU Ministry who has a special interest in children’s
 CHILDREN’S CAMPS AND YOUTH PROGRAMS PRICING  programming, will be joining us for this week of kids’ camp. Pat is skilled in
     facilitating children’s programs which are helpful in promoting creative fantasy
 Children’s Camps, $480 per week; Junior Youth (Jouth) Week, $395;                          and interpersonal skills. Unofficially, she is the “Fairy Friend in Residence” at
 CIT/LIT Camp (3 weeks), $1,170.  Unicamp and is known for fairy tea parties and her elaborate collection of
 Out Trip Camp, $735; Youth Weekend, $50.  wings and wands which furnish the annual Fairy Walk. In addition to offering
     programming and activities rooted in our UU principles, she will be available as a
 Children’s Camp Discounts: Early payment by March 31, 10%; 1st time camper,   Children’s Chaplain during this week. She is available to staff, children and youth
 10%; Bringing new camper, 10%; 2nd program, 5%; 3rd camper, 5%.  as a caring presence.

 For registration or enquiries: (519) 925-6432 or  To register online visit
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