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 DONATIONS and CAMPERSHIPS. Please contact us for information about financial   POND & DIVING TOWER SAFETY
 assistance for kids’ camp if you find the cost of Unicamp a deterrent. Donations   REQUIREMENTS The safety requirements
 to the Campership fund are welcomed and deeply appreciated. Tax-deductible   for the pond and diving tower apply to
 receipts will be issued for donations over $20.  all persons using the pond including
     campers, seasonal campers and private
 CHECK IN time for all accommodation is 4 pm. Please phone if you will be arriving   renters. The camp-owned paddle boards,
 after 9 pm so that staff can make special arrangement to be available when you check   spinal board and other safety devices are
 in. Reservations will be held until 8 am of the morning after your booked arrival date.   to be used ONLY in emergencies. An air
 CHECK OUT time is 11 am to allow accommodations to be serviced between   horn for emergencies is in the first aid box
 visitors. Feel free to stay after you check out (or arrive earlier than the 4pm check-  under the beach shelter.  A maximum of 4
 in time) and enjoy the grounds.   people (1 on the ladder and 3 on the top)
     are permitted on the “Diving Tower” at any one time. Swimmers must jump off the
 NOISE Amplified music, generators and other noisemakers are not permitted   Tower from the side facing Bob’s Beach and must enter the water feet-first. There is
 except for camp dances and programs. All campers need to be quiet after 10 pm,   a maximum of 8 people allowed on the dock or on a raft at any one time. You are
 even at your camp site, 11 pm on drumming and dance nights.  responsible for you and your children’s safety when on the beach or swimming in
 ALLERGIES Unicamp’s dining hall is peanut-free, pine-nut-free and pistachio-free.   the pond. It is highly recommended that you always swim with a buddy in the water
 If participating in our meal plan during your stay, please give us advance notice of   or watching from the shore. Life jackets are provided and must be worn while in
 your dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate.  canoes and any other boats or rafts used on the water, whether you are a competent
     swimmer or not. All youth under 16 years old require direct adult supervision.
 ICE AND WOOD We are planning to have block ice/frozen ice-packs available to
 use in your camp coolers at a minimal cost as well as wood for campfires. Please   WILDLIFE Our 7th UU Principle teaches us to have respect for the interdependent
 inquire at the office for details.   web of all existence of which we are a part. To that end, please leave our abundant

 CHILDREN’S CAMP Camp is closed to outside visitors during the 3 weeks of Children’s   wildlife on their own; please do not feed the animals at Unicamp and do not touch
 Camp, this includes day visitors. For seasonal campers who are on site, swimwear is   or handle frogs, turtles or other creatures (and ensure your children also do not).
 required on both beaches during Children’s and Junior Youth Camp weeks.   Pond animals are especially harmed by the natural oils on our hands.
 DAY USE Day use is welcomed, except for the 3 weeks of Children’s camp. Please
 contact the Unicamp Administrator ahead of time to book your day at camp. Fees:   PRICING
 $10 (16 years and older), $5 (5-15 years), and under 5 years are free. We also offer a
 seasonal day pass. The fee is $25 for a single adult and $50 for a family pass.   Campsites  night week
 DOGS AT CAMP POLICY We welcome our dog-owning campers during specific   Regular: 1st adult  $25  $150  13% HST applies to all fees.
 Dog-Friendly weeks only. This year, the permittable dates include: June 2nd-4th,   Electrical: 1st adult $30  $180  20% discount on accommodations
 August 13th-25th and October 6th-9th. We ask that those bringing dogs be   Per add’l person  $5  $30  during Spring & Fall
 mindful of their canine friends at Unicamp and respect these designated dates   Family Weeks Meal Discounts
 and the agreeable conduct policy. Dogs must be on-leash at all times on   Group Campsite (max. 9 tents)  2nd Child in Family: 10% off.
 camp property (please ask us about off-property options for dogs who need to   Up to 7 ppl: $70/nt, add’l pers: $10/nt  Additional Children: Free
 run off-leash). Dogs are not permitted on Cow Pye Hill or any other part of our
 neighbour’s ranch property. Unicamp’s Spiritual Centre and Dining Hall are off   Dorms (3 meals included)  Family Camp Candlelight Dinner
 limits to all animals at all times. Owners must carry bags to scoop up after their   Adult  $61  $397  (Wednesday Night) $30 includes
 dogs (on any part of Unicamp property, even in the woods) and dispose of the   Child 5-15  $34  $221  4-course meal & 2.5 hrs of childcare.
 bags in the container marked for that purpose near the dining hall. Excessive   The cost of children’s meals still apply
 barking disturbs everyone at camp; if your dogs bark when you leave them alone   Cottage (meals not included)  at $9/child. $30 applies whether you
 then someone must stay with them at all times. During Dog-Friendly dates, dogs   Adult  $39  $234  require childcare or not.
 are permitted in the pond at Bob’s Beach between 10-11 am and 4-5 pm only,   If you love the food at Unicamp,
 and must not be allowed to relieve themselves on the beach sand. Dogs must   Child 5-15  $18  $126  please consider allocating a financial
 be kept back from people who do not wish to interact with them (especially at   Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch  appreciation to the capital campaign.
 campfires and at the beach where they might be in close proximity) and away from
 other dogs that may interact aggressively with them. Please contact the office for a   Adult  $32  $224
 copy of the Dog-Friendly Policy and for information on Service Dog provisions.   Child 5-15  $19  $129

 For registration or enquiries: (519) 925-6432 or  To register online visit
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