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 Welcome: Message from the President: 3
 Camp Overview: 3  Greetings from the Unicamp Board of Directors!
 Camp Guidelines: 4-5  This upcoming 2017 season promises to be yet another wonder-filled year for
 Pricing: 5-6  Unicamp of Ontario. Our beloved Unitarian Universalist camp boasts the rich
 Children’s Camps: 7  natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment, UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and
 Youth Programming: 8-9  the rich history of reflecting our faith in programming for over 45 years.
 Family Camp: 9-10
 Maintenance in Training (MIT): 10  Our staff, volunteers, and instructors work to serve our community of users,
 Community Building Work Weekends: 11  providing excellent quality programming, in affordable, accessible and creative
 Adult Programming - Winter: 11  ways. Our popular week-long sleep-over children’s camps, and our teen and youth
 Spring: 11-12  retreats, return with new themes and activities. We have new and returning adult
 Summer: 12-22  programs that offer unique opportunities for people of all ages, interests and
 Regular August Weekend Events: 22  abilities. Family camps provide a balance of structured and unstructured time for
 Fall Programs: 22-23  congregants (and interested others) to strengthen
 Meet the Staff: 24-25  community and family ties! We hope that you will
 Staff & Volunteer Opportunities: 25  find what you seek with us!
 Quick-Look Calendar: 26-27  We strive to offer a safe space to both reach and rest,
 Camp Map: Back Cover  and find joy in both.
 Contact Unicamp   We hope you will join us!
 Mail: May-October: 638159 Prince of Wales Road, Mulmur, ON  L9V 0C5   In peace, Sky Dasey,
   October-May: 215 Spadina Ave., Suite #400,  Toronto, ON  M5T 2C7
 Phone: 519-925-6432  Email:   President of the Unicamp Board of Directors,
 Website:   2016-2017
 Like us on Facebook at:
 Follow us on Instagram: @unicampofontario, #unicampofontario  CAMP OVERVIEW
 Program Chair:
 Ben Robins   Unicamp is a Unitarian Universalist camp that is committed to providing a safe
 Brochure Design:    and welcoming seasonal camp and spiritual retreat to our diverse community. Our
 Tony Rapoport   programs and activities are designed to grow awareness and practice of our UU
 Unicamp photos    values in which our camp is rooted. These values include the understanding of the
 by Michelle   importance of each person, the quest for kindness in all we do, that we are free to
 McComb, Viola   learn together and search for what is true. We affirm that all people need a voice,
 Baker, Jeff Baker    and work to build a fair and peaceful world and care for our sacred earth with
 and Sive Pausey  awareness to the interconnectedness of all things.
     Located in Dufferin County, just north of Shelburne, Ontario, Unicamp is within the
 Paper Stock: FSC   UNESCO Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve. It boasts 50 beautiful, peaceful
 and Rainforest   acres of meadows, coniferous and deciduous forests, marshes, streams, caves
 Alliance Certified,   and two beaches on a 2.5-acre spring fed pond that is safe for swimming. This is a
 10% post-consumer
     magical place to relax, explore and reconnect with self, community and nature.
 Unicamp Board of
 Directors:  Jeff Baker,   Unicamp has indoor and outdoor showers, several outhouses, and washrooms in
 Janice Canning,   the cabins, the Dining Hall and the Spiritual Centre. You supply your own bedding,
 Sky Dasey, Karen   pillows and towels. Drinking water is available in all washrooms, at the outdoor
 DelVecchio, Tracy   sinks, and at several outdoor faucets.
 Galvin, Elizabeth Gray,   We acknowledge and affirm that each of us has special qualities and talents to
 Iris Murray, Jane Nares,   share. Campers are asked to help with chores such as tidying their dorm, cottage
 Ben Robins, Oliver    or campsite at the end of their stay, helping us to keep the Unicamp experience
 Dasey Springer  affordable for everyone and the environment community- and team-focused.

 For registration or enquiries: (519) 925-6432 or  To register online visit
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