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FAMILY CAMP – cont’d.                                         page 10       COMMUNITY BUILDING WORK WEEKENDS                              page 11
        August 7-11: Family Camp 1                                                  Come and experience the beauty of spring and autumn at Unicamp and the joy of
                                                                                    creating together at a Community Building Work Weekend.
        Families from Hamilton and Guelph will be our special guests this week but of
        course, everyone is welcome! Book your spot early as this week is expected to fill   May 12-14, May 19-22, Sept 29-Oct 1 and Oct 13-15 (Camp Closing)
        up early! Please check the SUMMER listings (starts on page 12) for all the special
        programming taking place this week.                                         If you’re new to Unicamp, come and meet other Unicampers and connect with our
                                                                                    beautiful property. If you’re a seasoned camper, come and enjoy this time with friends
        August 13-18: Family Camp 2                                                 and to help upkeep our camp together. Your accommodation, all Saturday meals, and
                                                                                    Sunday breakfast & lunch are provided in exchange for 12 hours of your joyful work!
        Families from Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge will be our special guests during   Jobs include painting, carpentry, cleaning, raking, fixing, gardening, clearing paths and
        this week, but everyone is welcome! This is also a Dog Welcome Week – please see   whatever else we have going on to prepare camp for summer or for shut-down. You
        page 4 for dog policy details. Please check the SUMMER listings (starts on page 12)   can also volunteer to do kitchen prep, cleaning and dishes. Evenings are for campfires,
        for all the special programming taking place this week.
                                                                                    drumming, board or card games in the dining hall, or just enjoying the nighttime stars.
                                                                                    Children are free and welcome, and childcare is not provided. A suggested donation of
        August 20-25: Family Camp 3
                                                                                    $35 is appreciated to help cover costs. You will be issued a tax receipt for your donation.
        Families from the Greater Toronto Area will be our special guests this week but of   Everyone is also asked to clean their own accommodation at the end of their stay.
        course, everyone is welcome! This is also a second Dog Welcome Week – please   Friday night dinners are at 7 pm; soup and bread are provided, along with
        see page 4 for dog policy details. Please check the SUMMER listings (starts on   any other items you would like to add. Work materials are supplied. Bring old
        page 12) for all the special programming taking place this week.            clothes, warm bedding, rain-gear and gloves. Labeled tools, shears, and painting
                                                                                    equipment would also be helpful.
                                                                                    And if fix-it work is not your cuppa’ tea, you can still join us for all the fun and
        Join us for the third year of this highly successful mentorship program. Must be 18+.  camaraderie! Regular accommodation and meals fees less 20% apply. If interested
                                                                                    in helping with a work weekend, please contact:
        The MIT program runs from Monday May 15 through Friday June  9, 2017.
        Participants are given the opportunity to learn the opening, workings and
        maintenance of Unicamp from the Property Manager’s perspective. Care and use   ADULT PROGRAMMING
        of tools, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry are included along with ethics of team
        work and the value of community. Projects spearheaded by MIT include:       WINTER
                                                                                    February 5: Unicamp Sunday in your congregation
          • building a dock
          • installing a beach shelter                                              SPRING
          • installation of hot water in dorms
          • renovation of the kitchen and                                           May 5-7: Camp Opens
             Summerhill cottage                                                     May 12-June 4: Loving Spirit School of Yoga Teacher Training Intensive
          • upgrading the septic system                                             Loving Spirit School of Yoga’s 3-week 200hr Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher training will
          • widening Unicamp’s access road
                                                                                    immerse you in this ancient art and science. With over 20 years of teaching experience,
                                                                                    Chris and Anastasia Love have graduated 15 teachers in the past 2 years, with almost
        Proposed future projects include                                            all currently engaged in teaching regularly. The program focuses on 12 foundational
        renovation of Dave’s Cottage and                                            postures of classical hatha yoga to create a strong base for teaching. Philosophy,
        building the dining deck shelter.
                                                                                    anatomy, mantra and pranayama will round out your understanding of this ancient
        This 4 week program is led and                                              method of self-realization. Each of the 21 days will include personal yoga practice,
        mentored by Terry O’Sullivan,                                               meditation, teaching methodology, philosophy, mantra, Karma yoga and satsang. The
        Unicamp’s Property Manager. In                                              natural beauty of Unicamp will enhance the learning experience and give you the real
        addition to valuable experience in                                          feel of an Ashram. Tuition includes food and lodging. Contact Anastasia or Christopher
        a positive community-centred learning environment,   Photo by Terry O’Sullivan  at or visit us at for more details.
        participants receive room and board and a $100 per week stipend.            May 12-14: Spring Welcoming Community Building Work Weekend
        For more information or to apply, please contact our camp Director, Melissa   Join with us to greet the spring at Unicamp! We will help wake up the camp from its
        Horvath-Lucid:                                winter slumber and start on some spring projects. See above for details.

        For registration or enquiries: (519) 925-6432 or  To register online visit
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